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Sea World - very entertaining

Oct 11, 2013

So San Diego seems pretty compact. It wasn't too long a drive from the hotel to Sea World. We arrived fairly early and had no problems parking.

We headed over to the Arctic area first to see the lazy polar bears, the beluga whales, penguins - who were adorable of course. There were 5 different shows on as well that day - and they were all timed well so you could get from one to the other. We passed by the dolphin swimming area and watched them for a bit - one seemed very determined to show one of the trainers a flower he found. This is where I start having a hard time. I love seeing these animals in person. (and Darrin even got to touch the dolphin - which he's wanted to do for years after getting shoved aside by mother's with kids at Marineland and missing his chance). But they are so highly intelligent (along with the orca's) and I feel like they really should be in the wild. I'm very torn. Honestly, I believe SeaWorld could still have an awesome park without the dolphins and orca's performing. But we were here, so...off to the Shamu show. We were just at the upper edge of the splash zone, luckily no water came our way...but people down closer got soaked (And really, do you want to be soaked with orca water...hmmm...not so much - what is in the water...eeek). It honestly was a great show - seeing them jump out of the water is awe-inspiring, and the auditorium was packed. The show was maybe 20 min or so.

Then back by the dolphin tank again to watch the antics, and we went to the Pet's Rule show. OK, this was actually my fav - the dogs and cats were all rescue animals - the show was funny and fast moving. There were pigs and birds and I think even a rat! I laughed really hard (and I still can't believe they could train cats to do what they did). The timing was great, and this was actually my favourite part of the day.

Then it was time for the dolphin show, with some birds thrown in. Again - seeing these dolphins jump and flip was really amazing. There is so much to take in...we ended up far near the top. One funny part was when the dolphins were splashing people, and this couple thought they'd be smart and squat right beside the glass to avoid the splash - but they couldn't avoid the big wave of water that came over the top and drenched them...hilarious!

Over to see the sea lions - you could buy sardines to feed them...and as soon as they saw you had fish they'd start honking. One in particular would just sit on his rock and be so loud he got fish every time. Some of the others you could drop the fish down as they'd come right to the wall - they'd climb it if they could! And you had to watch the birds - apparently they'll snatch the fish out of your hands if you aren't watching. We had been going to skip the sea lion show as it had already started and there was nowhere to sit, but we stood up at the top and watched. And we were glad we did. It was a 'murder mystery' and was quite humourous. Again - the tricks that these animals are trained to do was amazing.

So it was a pretty full day at Sea World. We stayed until about 4 pm then decided to head down to the amusement park on the waterfront. Not a lot of people around, but we did squeeze in a game of mini-golf, which we haven't played for a long time. By this time, we were starting to get a little hungry, so we decided to head for the gaslamp quarter...where we couldn't find a parking spot to save our lives after driving around about a 6 block radius. And honestly, nothing really jumped out at us as 'need to see'. So we decided to find our airbnb for the night.

That was a different experience - the people we stayed with had 2 dogs - a shepard mix and a Great Dane and four birds - 2 umbrella cockatoos (one of which had pulled his feathers out, so he was in rough shape) and a military macaw (green) and a scarlet macaw, who all had the run of the house. The macaws were a little more standoffish, but the cockatoos only wanted love. They'd climb your pant leg, and tuck their head under your chin so you'd scratch the back of their necks. They also liked earrings, and if one decided the other was getting to much attention, they'd start pecking at each other, usually while standing on your shoulder. It was quite interesting. I like birds, not so much the mess that goes with them (you had to watch your step). And the military macaw did decide to come on my arm the morning we were leaving, he just didn't want to get off and gave me a nasty bruise when he grabbed my forearm when I tried to have him go onto a dresser...that didn't go away for almost 2 weeks! Lesson learned...use the spray bottle!

So, we went and had a quick meal, then back to the house to rest up for the zoo the next day, or last full day of vacation.

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